GRF Conditions of Employment


Graduate Resident Fellow – West Campus House System

____________ ______________is appointed as a Graduate Resident Fellow (hereinafter also referred to as "GRF") for the period from August 1, 2024 to no later than July 31, 2025 in accordance with these Conditions of Employment. Appointment dates may be modified in accordance with academic calendar changesThere is no obligation to renew this appointment; however, appointments that are not renewed will end on May 31st of their final year.

GRF appointments require the completion of a successful background check once an offer is made and prior to moving into the residence. Living in the House is a requirement of the position.  In order to fulfill the position responsibilities, a
1 bedroom apartment w/ living room, kitchen and bathroom will be assigned.*

Dining regularly with residents is an expectation of the position. In order to fulfill the position responsibilities, a GRF Meal Plan will be provided.** 

Remuneration:       Over the course of the 12 month appointment, GRFs receive a stipend on a semi-monthly basis. Stipend totals are $1920 (1st year), $2640 (2nd year), $2880 (3rd year), and $3120 (4th year). Students selected for these positions will retain any tuition/stipend/grant awarded to them in addition to the remuneration listed here. For those not renewing their appointment, the balance of the stipend will be awarded on May 31st of their final year.

Responsibilities:    The GRF lives in the House and assists the House Professor-Dean and Assistant Dean in supporting the vision and operation of the West Campus House System. The GRF serves as a mentor and role model to undergraduate residents and serves in a leadership role for academic enrichment by participating in, promoting and leading House programs and activities. In addition, the GRF is expected to participate in the official openings and closings of the House at the beginning and end of each term and assist during Senior Days and Commencement weekend. 

In order to effectively implement the responsibilities indicated herein and described in the GRF Position Description and the Student Staff manual, it is understood that the GRF must initiate and respond to regular communication with their House Professor-Dean and Assistant Dean, and the House operations staff (e.g. administrative coordinator, dining, custodial and maintenance staff). While the GRF position is not an hourly position, core GRF responsibilities will amount to approximately 5 hours per week averaged over the 12-month contract period and concentrated during the 9 months classes are in session. In addition, GRFs (as leaders of the House community) perform other functions attendant on leadership in a living-learning community. Throughout the period of employment, the GRF’s role as a graduate/professional student remains their central priority; House leadership (House Professor-Dean and Assistant Dean) will work directly with GRFs to ensure that assigned duties and expectations support their ongoing development as students and scholars, including efforts to accommodate GRF responsibilities and schedules with other graduate student requirements and expectations.

Core Responsibilities (approximately 5 hours per week averaged over the 12-month contract period and concentrated during the 9 months classes are in session):   

  1. Attending and leading House programs (lectures, discussions, events, etc. and weekly house dinners).
  2. Support student involvement and community building (e.g. building rapport with residents and fostering a safe residential environment, programming)
  3. Provide academic and social support (e.g. assisting students in navigating social conflicts/community living, informal advising to residents on Cornell’s academic and personal/well-being resources, course of study, etc.)
  4. Administrative duties (e.g. assist with opening/closing weekends, move-out room inspections, attending training and staff meetings)

Other Expectations of Leadership in a Living/Learning Community

In addition, GRFs are expected to participate and contribute in the following ways:

  1. Dining and informal interactions with students (enabled by the provided meal plan)
  2. Engaging House Fellows and Guests-in-Residence (through attendance at receptions, House Dinners, etc.)
  3. Participating in after hours on-call rotation
  4. Maintain community standards (e.g. enforce rules, observe and report violations of community standards)

Specific Provisions: This appointment is subject to the following specific provisions:

  1. Fully participate in staff pre-term training in August and in any other training that may be scheduled throughout the term of the GRF appointment.
  2. Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings.
  3. Attend and participate in House Dinners.
  4. Be available and accessible to residents whenever the House is open for student occupancy. This includes Fall Break, Thanksgiving, February Break, and Spring Break.
  5. Meet with their supervisor on a regular basis (to be mutually determined) to discuss assigned responsibilities and job performance.
  6. Participate in university activities that may include Family Weekend, Housing Expo or other tours, In-House Lottery/Room Selection and Slope Day. 
  7. The GRF must receive approval from the House Professor-Dean or Assistant Dean in advance of any absence from the House longer than 24 hours.
  8. GRFs may not hold additional part-time jobs or participate in extracurricular activities that would interfere with the primary function of carrying out the responsibilities of the GRF position. All outside or additional positions must be reported to and approved by the House Professor-Dean or Assistant Dean prior to accepting any such activity. 
  9. GRFs are subject to all University regulations as well as those contained in the housing/dining licenses and Community Living Standards.
  10. Any changes in the graduate student’s registration status must be reported immediately to the Assistant Dean and House Professor-Dean.

Termination:                                       If a GRF’s graduate student status ceases, their appointment will automatically be terminated prior to its normal expiration date. The House Professor-Dean and the Assistant Dean may also terminate the appointment for failure of the GRF to satisfactorily perform assigned duties, for conduct deemed negative or inappropriate, or for breach of these Conditions of Employment in any of its provisions. Termination, mutual or otherwise, will result in cancellation of the room assignment, and discontinuation of the House Meal Plan and stipend.

*Housing:                                            Housing for GRFs is available from August 1 through June 30. GRFs who renew their appointment for the following academic year retain their apartment through July. There is no meal plan during academic year breaks(winter and summer).

**GRF Meal Plan:                               GRFs will have unlimited meals at any all-you-care-to-eat location including 104 West AND 50 meals per semester to be used however the GRF chooses - either as a bonus for guests

This appointment will become effective upon signature and receipt of the Conditions of Employment to the House Assistant Dean.



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