Sevin Fellowships

The Sevin Fellowships bring distinguished individuals in American public life to stay in one of the West Campus Houses and mix with students, sharing ideas and insights with House residents.  Cornell alumnus Irik Sevin '69 endowed the Sevin Fellowships in honor of Isaac Kramnick, a revered Cornell professor and one of the founders of the West Campus House System. 

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Past Sevin Fellows

2005-2006: David Folkenflik
2006-2007: Katha Pollitt
2007-2008: Sam Zia-Zarifi
2008-2009: Arun Chaudhary
2009-2010: Debra A. James
2010-2011: Douglas Block
2011-2012: Matt Ygelsias
2012-2013: Mark Bittman
2015-2016: Marshall Curry
2016-2017: Jamelle Bouie