The West Campus Experience

2020-2021 "...and (In)justice for All" Series

In response to a partially-remote academic year, the West Campus House System partnered with eCornell to host a year-long virtual Learning Where You Live (LWYL) course titled "...and (In)justice for All."  By transforming this from an in person to a virtual program, we are excited that both alumni and students can benefit from exposure to these thought-provoking lectures. This LWYL course was designed to explore the foundational causes of and responses to racial and social injustice in the United States. It will feature leading experts in five primary areas: democracy and voting rights, incarceration and criminal (in)justice, educational institutions, climate justice, and urban housing policies and segregation. Over two semesters, students engage in five webinars that focus on social justice and public policy and five webinars that intersect justice advocacy with artistic expression.

Each policy webinar is sponsored by the Koen-Horowitz Lecture Series in the College of Human Ecology. Jennifer Koen, Human Ecology Class of 1993, and her spouse, Mark Horowitz, sponsored this program to raise awareness among students of key public policy topics facing our nation.  The College of Human Ecology and Policy Analysis and Management Department are grateful to the Koen Horowitz family for bringing together this group of experts to examine the important and far reaching role that public policies can have on all aspects of our society – and in particular our academic institutions.

Sponsoring the art conversations, the Cornell University Class of '66 has expanded and extended the impact of its endowment, ThrivingRED. To honor their 50th reunion, the Class of '66 created an endowment within the West Campus House System, ThrivingRED, to promote and enhance personal connections that nurture resilience and help students thrive. To honor their 55th reunion, "ThrivingRED the Arts" encourages students to find new paths to thrive, creative expression, and engagement in the arts.

You can view recordings of each webinar below:

FALL 2020