For the remainder of Spring Semester 2020, all WCHS House Offices are closed except the Hans Bethe House Office.

The West Campus Office @ Bethe House will be open Monday–Friday 11am–7pm and Saturday–Sunday 4-7pm. All WCHS residents will pick up mail and packages at the Bethe House Office window during office hours. Residents will receive email notification when mail or packages arrive.

The West Campus Office @ Bethe House phone number is 607-255-7210. 

Please put these numbers in your phone for urgent needs and lockouts outside West Campus Office @ Bethe House office hours. For emergencies, contact CUPD at 607-255-1111.

Alice Cook House: 607-255-8495

  • House Professor-Dean Shorna Allred, 5-9153
  • Interim Assistant Dean Christy Croxall, 5-9157
  • House Chef/Manager Josh Holden, 5-9370 

Carl Becker House: 607-255-8495

  • House Professor-Dean Neema Kudva, 5-7491
  • Assistant Dean Amanda Carreiro, 5-8098
  • Office Manager Ryan McCarty, 5-8551
  • House Chef/Manager Tony Kveragas, 5-9384 

Hans Bethe House: 607-255-7210

  • House Professor-Dean Andrew Hicks, 5-2957
  • Assistant Dean Erica Ostermann, 5-7019
  • Office Manager Emily Pace, 5-7212
  • House Chef/Manager Stephen Snyder, 5-5986 

Flora Rose House: 607-255-7752

  • House Professor-Dean Rosemary Avery, 5-5941
  • Assistant Dean Jeff Godowski, 5-1314
  • Office Manager Patricia Wall, 5-8021
  • House Chef/Manager Matthew Seeber, 5-8141 

William Keeton House: 607-255-5001

  • House Professor-Dean Steven Jackson, 5-2347
  • Assistant Dean Aaron King, 5-3401
  • Office Manager Carrie Sipe, 5-3195
  • House Chef/Manager Nery Trigueros-Gonzalez, 5-3668 

For more information about the West Campus House System, contact: 

For general information related to Housing rates and assignments, contact:
Campus Life Housing & Dining
Cornell University
206 Robert Purcell Community Center
Ithaca, NY  14853