Student Experience

West Campus House System offers upper-level students an actively engaged community of their own – one that fosters personal discovery and growth, and nurtures scholarship and creativity in an environment of collegiality, civility, and responsible stewardship. A product of years of planning by Cornell students, faculty, and staff, the West Campus House System emphasizes informal interaction with faculty members, self-governance, social and cultural programming, privacy, and independence. What student residents on west campus will find – and help to build – is a natural extension of the experience they shared as first-year students on north campus. It is also a part of Cornell's vision to be the best research university for undergraduate education in this country.

The West Campus House System offers an enhanced in-house programming experience.  Intellectual living-learning programs are led by the House Professor, Assistant Dean, and Graduate Resident Fellows.  Social programs designed to enrich your living experience are student-driven by the Undergraduate Resident Fellows and Language Fellows, Active Citizens, and the House Councils, the student leadership body of each House.

Student Learning Outcomes

West Campus residents engage in four domains of learning: Active Citizenship, Cultural Learning, Intellectual Inquiry, and Health & Wellbeing. By taking part in co-curricular experiences hosted in the Houses, students will:

Active Citizenship
  • Recognize interpersonal communication skills
  • Describe personal responsibility to one’s community
  • Identify community engagement or civic action that benefits the public good
Cultural Learning
  • Name personal values, beliefs and identities.
  • Describe the values and beliefs of multiple cultures
  • Identify societal structures and social identities.
Intellectual Inquiry
  • Express intellectual curiosity through formal and informal academic settings
  • Express creative thinking skills in formal and informal academic settings
  • Recognize connections across multiple academic disciplines
Health & Wellbeing
  • Identify appropriate resources for success
  • Describe mindfulness and resilience strategies
  • Recognize self-care practices