Guest Suites

Each House in the West Campus House System has a one-bedroom guest suite that is reserved for use by the House Professor-Dean.  We are interested in guests who want to engage our community and are involved in something of interest to our residents.  Therefore, an expectation of all guests is a planned interaction with members of the House.  This can be done in a variety of ways - a performance, lecture, workshop, shared meal, etc. or through a less formal but engaging discussion around an area of expertise and interest.

When inquiring about guest suite availability, details of your proposed guest's visit, including how s/he would like to interact with the House community are required:

  • Dates of proposed stay
  • How the guest will engage with House residents
  • Bio of guest
  • Photo of guest (if your guest is offered accommodations)

To inquire about availability, contact the House Professor-Dean for the specific House in which you're interested:

Carl Becker House
Neema Kudva, House Professor-Dean

Hans Bethe House
Andrew Hicks, House Professor-Dean

Alice Cook House
Shorna Broussard Allred House Professor-Dean

William Keeton House
Steven Jackson, House Professor-Dean

Flora Rose House
Rosemary Avery, House Professor-Dean