GRF Application Process


Wednesday, December 14, 7:00pm         Keeton House, Common Room (G40A – next to Dining Room)

Thursday, January 19, 6:00pm                  Big Red Barn, 135 Presidents’ Drive (Behind A.D. White House)

Monday, February 13 at 11:59pm            Online Application and other required materials due

Late-Feb through mid-March                    Select candidates will be contacted for interviews

Mid-March to Spring Break                        Notification of hiring decisions

Required Materials (Due Monday, February 13 by 11:59pm)

  • Online Application
    • Includes the following short essay questions
      • Short Essay 1: What interests you most about this position?
      • Short Essay 2: What skills and/or experiences make you qualified for this position? Please include memberships in academic, social, recreational and community organizations.
      • Short Essay 3: What do you feel you have to contribute to the House community?
    • You’ll reach an automated confirmation screen after a successful submission
  • Resume
    • You will upload your resume via the online application.
  • Letters of Recommendation (2 professional references)
    • One of your letters must be from your faculty advisor, or if you do not have an advisor then a faculty member with whom you have worked closely.

Please note: to be considered as an applicant you must complete the Online Application by the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online Application
    How long should my responses be to the short essay questions?
    There is no required length. Please be long enough to cover the necessary material but keep it short enough to be interesting. We recommend reviewing all of the short essay questions, see above, before beginning the online application.

    Should I preference a house when I apply or not?
    If you have a meaningful connection to a house then please feel free to preference that house. If you do preference a house that house will have priority when reviewing your application. If that house chooses to not interview you, your application will be released to the general pool and be available to other houses. We make this option available because some applicants feel strongly about indicating a preference; however, we will consider applicants in the general pool with equal weight. Many applicants historically have not indicated a preference. Their applications enter the general pool, available to every house.

    Letters of Recommendation
    Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?
    Your two professional references (excluding friends or family) should be able to answer questions about your skills, achievements, work ethic, knowledge, and character. Especially helpful are letters from persons who know you well and can give insight to your ability to connect meaningfully with undergraduates and enhance their living experience in a house.

    Where should I submit letters of recommendation?

    All letters of recommendation should be uploaded to this Box Folder.

    What guidance can I offer my references?
    Please feel free to share the following message with your references.

    The Graduate Resident Fellow (GRF) Position in the West Campus House System is a live-in position working with upper class and transfer students. GRFs support the House Professor-Dean, Assistant Dean, and House Fellows in creating a positive, vibrant and academically engaging residential community; serve as mentor and role model to undergraduate residents; and serve in a leadership role for academic enrichment by promoting a variety of programs and activities. The successful applicant is able to lead in a residential setting while successfully balancing their academic responsibilities.

    Your insight into this candidate’s ability to connect with undergraduates, serve as a responsible community role model and collaborate well with the other individuals involved in the house program is appreciated.

    Interview Process
    When will I hear if I have been selected for an interview?
    There is some flexibility with the interview timeline because of the coordination necessary between the five houses. Most candidates who are invited to initial interviews will be contacted via email in late Feb/early-March; however, circumstances each year have required some interviews to occur later.

    If I am not on campus in spring of 2023 may I still apply?
    We encourage applications from eligible students regardless of where they are studying during the hiring process. In the past Zoom interviews have been used to accommodate applicants who are not in Ithaca. We do still expect that your materials will be submitted on the same timeline.

Tips for Success

  1. Submit your materials on time and be sure they are complete.
  2. Request your letters of reference early to allow enough time for your references to complete them.
  3. Talk with current GRFs and educate yourself about the position.
  4. Be clear and concise in your materials.
  5. Confidently be yourself. We have many applicants for limited openings, and to make the best placements we need to have a good sense of who you are and what you will bring to the GRF position.

More Information

Questions about what a GRF does? Please attend an information session or visit our online resources.
Questions about the applications process? Please email

Questions about your eligibility or special circumstances? Please email one of the House Assistant Deans.