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The WCHS welcomes involvement from students across campus. The Houses maintain public hours so that all students can take advantage of the dining rooms in the House System and attend the public programming that occurs nearly every week. These programs range from language conversations over dinner to discussions hosted in the House Professor's apartment. Employment opportunities are also available for graduates and undergraduates.

Undergraduate Students

Student Assistants (SAs) are undergraduates who serve as pillars of the community in the house. Often juniors and seniors, these residents are committed to supporting the well-being of individuals and community in the house. An active presence on their floors and helping to facilitate a cohesive community lets the SAs have a pulse on how things are going. They partner with Graduate Resident Fellows to create a healthy community. Interested candidates from across campus are encouraged to apply. Information sessions will be held in Houses in the fall semester, with applications available online. You are encouraged to reach out to a current SA to learn more about position.

The House Office is the central hub of the house. This office distributes residents' mail and packages, assists with lockouts, troubleshoots facilities, supports the house programming through advertising and social media, and assists all residents and guests of the house. Personable, engaging, organized, and responsible undergraduate students serve as Office Assistants. Interested students should apply directly the House Office they are interested in being a part of. Staffing occurs at the beginning of each semester.

We are currently accepting applications for Student Assistant (SA) positions for the 2017-2018 academic year. The SA Application is online and can be found here. It is due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

SA Job Description | SA Conditions of Employment

For House-specific inquiries, please contact the Assistant Dean:
Alice Cook House | Jen Majka,
Carl Becker House | Amanda Carreiro,
Hans Bethe House | Erica Ostermann,
William Keeton House | Sheryl Mauricio,
Flora Rose House | Dr. Geoffrey Hill,

Graduate Students

We are currently accepting applications for Graduate Resident Fellow (GRF) positions to start in August 2017. Materials are due January 31, 2017.

Information Sessions:
Thursday, December 1 @ 8pm, Seminar Room, Keeton House
Tuesday, January 24 @ 5pm, Seminar Room, Cook House

Questions about the applications process? See resources above, then email Constance Diane at Questions about your eligibility or special circumstances? Please email one of the House Assistant Deans.

Graduate Resident Fellows (GRFs) are graduate or professional students who live-in and work directly with undergraduates in the House System. The GRFs are an incredibly dynamic group of students who value the learning that occurs outside of a classroom and take on a leadership role within the house community.

The GRF's role is demanding and rewarding. GRFs share on-call responsibilities for their house and are trained to support residents' well-being. Looked to as the community leader, GRFs will partner with their Assistant Dean to address student concerns and enforce community standards. As an intellectual role model and mature community member, the GRF can also expect to serve as a friend and mentor to residents.

A very competitive GRF selection process occurs annually to fill vacancies across the House System. Information sessions are held in late fall and early spring semester. Applications are due early in the spring semester. You are encouraged to reach out to a current GRF to learn more about the position.

CU Language House seeks candidates for paid Native Speaker positions
Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish

Are you a native-level speaker of any of these languages? If so, you may be able to get a FREE room and a partially subsidized meal plan by serving as a Native Speaker in the Language House for the 2017-18 academic year.

The goal of the Language House is to provide a language-immersion setting in which students can improve their fluency in one or more foreign languages. It is a highly competitive and successful program with highly dedicated residents and a world-class alumni network. The Language House provides immersion opportunities through organized meals, outings, trips, speakers, and events, as well as specialized tutoring to help students finesse fluency.

Native Speakers are at the heart of the Language House program's success. Native Speakers serve as language mentors for the residents who live in language communities in Boldt Hall on West Campus. Native Speakers coordinate activities like meals and group outings for conversation practice, and they work with Language House staff and professor-Fellows to support the program in creative and exciting ways.

Applicants must be full-time, enrolled undergraduate or graduate students at Cornell.