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Sushruta Iruvanti

Sushruta Iruvanti

Student Assistant

Sushruta is a senior studying Biological Engineering in CALS, with an interest in biomedical engineering. He was born in Poughkeepsie, New York along the Hudson River where he developed an intense natural curiosity and passion for learning due to the seemingly endless library of books in his home.

Sushruta transferred to Cornell from Georgia Tech after his first year and lived by SA Sarvar, Nash and Aditi in Baker Tower. He has lived in Cook House ever since, and it has become his home away from home. Sushruta understands the struggles that transfer students can go through, and he is always open to listening to what you have to say.

Outside of Cook House, Sushruta likes to get involved on campus. He is the CALS representative on the Student Assembly. In this capacity, he has served on the Infrastructure Fund Commission and Net-Print Taskforce where he helps to find ways to lower printing prices for all Cornell students. For the past two years, Sushruta has been performing research in the Biomedical Engineering department and will be pursuing an honors thesis this year. There, he works to help identify the molecular mechanism of Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy. Additionally, Sushruta is a member of Cornell's Engineers Without Borders chapter, where he has helped to design and assess a suspension bridge in Calcha, Bolivia.

Sushruta enjoys playing basketball, rooting for the Knicks, reading comic books, keeping up with international affairs, and meeting new people. If you have ever debated about LeBron vs. Kobe, or DC vs. Marvel, he would be more than happy to tell you why Kobe and DC are the right answers.

Sushruta is the SA for Boldt Tower, and he looks forward to getting to know all of the residents of Alice Cook House. He can usually be found in his room in Boldt Tower, the Weill Institute, or playing basketball at Noyes with SA Sarvar.