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Rochelle Cassells

Rochelle Cassells 158x152

Graduate Resident Fellow

Rochelle is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Human Development.  She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.  Her work explores several psychosocial mechanisms implicated in the academic outcomes of immigrant children, with particular focus on those impacted by maternal separation in immigration.  Her other research involves the effects of poverty on child development.  She holds an M.A. from Cornell University in Human Development and a B.A. from Temple University with distinction in Psychology and minors in French and Political Science.

Rochelle is passionate about community building and service.  She enjoys music, travel, and wellness, devoting a great deal of her time to self-reflection and self-improvement.  Her guilty pleasures are YA fiction novels, the Bachelor franchise, and pop culture news.  Hope is an important part of her character and approach to life, and as such she patiently awaits the day when chocolate becomes its own essential food group.  Having been born and raised in Jamaica, Rochelle would prefer to spend her days on the beach and often wonders why winters are a thing.