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Jonathan Reinhardt

Jonathan Reinhardt

Graduate Resident Fellow

Jonathan studies secrets and secrecy, and is a PhD student in the English department.

Jonathan was born in Berlin, Germany; his father is a member of the German executive branch and occasional diplomat, and his mother is a translator and artist from California. Jonathan has a particular fondness for learning languages, and knows a number of them fairly well.  

Jonathan has always had a little too much curiosity for his own good and wasted his youth on adventure. He also completed military service, for which he was deployed to Africa, and has a lot of other great stories from internships at newspapers and similar assignments, which have included street riots, Supreme Court justices, Middle Eastern fanatics, and corrupt police officers in the methlands of the Deep South.

At Cornell, Jonathan teaches English course on topics that have included mystery fiction, spy fictions, political secrecy, and of course, Shakespeare. In 2018/19, Jonathan will be teaching a course on reading the Jewish Tanakh, the Christian New Testament, and the Islamic Qur'an as literature.

Jonathan enjoys soccer, sailing, running, British television, keeping up with current events (especially on security, intelligence, and foreign relations), and connecting interesting people with other interesting people. He is unhealthily addicted to coffee and to great stories.

Jonathan is the GRF in charge of the 300s floor of Cook, and he looks forward to meeting residents from all the parts of Cook House. He also spends loads of time in Olin Library and Temple of Zeus Cafe. Come visit him anytime. You'll find him between the stacks of library books.